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Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Moving can be stressful even to just think about it. The first time I ever moved was as an adult and I wish someone had given me tips on how to do it. Apart from misplacing my items because of overusing the miscellaneous label, I was living out of boxes for the first two weeks too.

After some much-needed research, I think I have gotten the hang of it. My last move made me think I could be a nomad and not get bored, but then again, I love packing and unpacking ???? .

Here are ten tips that may help you to achieve a graceful and less stressful move:

  1. Get in touch with Conneck! You can never go wrong here; we will assist you in any manner. Whether it’s office relocation, moving into a new home or you would like us to assist with storage for your goods.
  2. Start early. An early start to anything usually yields better results. Start planning your moved at least a month in advance and by the time we get to the big day, tones of stress would have been removed.
  3. Keep an inventory list. Make sure all items of furniture, especially big items that you require movers to handle are listed properly. I would personally suggest room by room listing. (it’s a good thing there is Pinterest it can help in that regard) If making a list is proving to be difficult, please feel free to take pictures or a video and just send it through to us. We will assist you in making a list.
  4. Label boxes well. Like I mentioned earlier, my first move was a disaster because I overused the word miscellaneous. Please don’t be like me. If you pack according to cupboards or drawers label them like that then, e.g. when I now pack items in my bedside stools, I label the box Bedside left and the other Bedside right. Some people prefer to pack contents of the same category in one box, e.g., Books on their own, toiletries on their own, etc.
  5. Pack one room at a time. This helps so that you don’t end up with your whole house in a mumbo-jumbo state. It also lessens the anxiety that comes with packing and assists a lot in the next step I am going to note down.
  6. Plan for the space you are getting into. When you pack a room at a time you are allowing for the move to be easier when you get to the new place. It will now just be placing boxes in the rooms they are meant to go., another reason why you should label boxes well.
  7. Please make sure all your valuable items are with you. These may include certificates and/or jewelry. In my experience, try not to get these precious items mixed up with papers that you may end up discarding. The process of trying to get new documentation to be it school certificates of government-issued IDs is a hustle you can do without. Apart from that, you do not want your documentation ending up in the wrong hands for security reasons.
  8. For your life to be easier in the days leading up to your move and perhaps a day or two after the move, have a “weekend bag” ready with all your essentials. I would suggest a change of clothing that can last for 2 to three days and your everyday use of toiletries. That way you don’t have to finish packing on the morning of your move and you know when the moving day comes you are ready to go.
  9. If you are going to be reconnecting all your appliances by yourself, I suggest you take a photo of the connections so that you can remember to put them correctly. This is especially so in the cases of televisions and media boxes and if you have a home office as well this may be handy.
  10. Last but not least, make sure the place you are moving to is clean. You do not want to get there and the first thing you have to do is start moving around furniture to do a deep clean of the house.


I have surely not exhausted all the To Do’s when moving but I hope your next move may be made easier by these few tips. And remember, if you need any assistance at any stage of your move, feel free to contact us at Conneck, we are On Time, Every Time