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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

This year we have tried to make things easier and eco-friendlier. Instead of storing in a cardboard box and worrying about throwing it was later or worrying if your fragile goods are secure. We have alleviated that by using recyclable plastic containers. No deposit required. You cost to rent the container will depend on the number of days you would like to store for and you get 2 days FREE to pack and 2 Days FREE to unpack.Delivery and collection is free for on campus students.

How do I book?

Visit www.conneck.co.za fill in an enquiry form and receive a quote within 24 hours. It’s that easy. Always remember to book in advance to avoid disappointments and keep us informed if there are any changes in reasonable time, to avoid being penalized

What are the sizes of your containers?

Our containers are bigger than a standard box and they have a volume of 600mm*400mm*370mm. Yes, you can pack a significant amount in them

Do I need to wrap my fragile goods in the containers?

Yes, yes. We do not open your containers and you are required to ensure that everything is securely packed in the containers We also supply with packing materials such as bubble wrap, mattress protectors, tape, pallet wrap etc. Feel free to let us know and we can supply you with these at an affordable price.

Can I use my own boxes?

Unfortunately we do not store cardboard boxes and taxi bags but if you have plastic storage containers, we can definitely store those for you.

What are the payment methods?

We accept EFT, instant EFT, online payments (Debit or Credit Card) and Bitcoin payments

What can I Not store?

We do not store illegal goods, fire arms, explosives and perishables.

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