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Storage Containers

Conneck believes in being environmentally friendly and we have recently added an environmentally friendly optional solution to our moving and storage business functions. This is in the form of our reusable plastic moving containers.


Our containers have vast wonderful characteristics that take much of the stress out of moving and storage services, and with modern manufacturing techniques, they are tougher, more versatile and more affordable than ever before.


Moving can be a very stressful endeavour and naturally, most people would opt for the status quo i.e. cardboard boxes as they go to packaging material, as this has been the norm since as far as anyone can remember. However, times have changed and at Conneck we always strive to stay abreast with the times and deviating from the status quo, while also been environmentally friendly.

About The Containers

Our plastic containers are made from recycled plastic and after their useful life can be ground up and remoulded into another form of plastic. Keeping plastic waste far from our land and seas, “saving turtles”.

Plastic moving and storage containers have proven to be a more affordable and user-friendly alternative to traditional cardboard boxes. Our plastic containers are 10 times sturdier and more durable than cardboard boxes and protect your belongings whether in storage or during transit.

We offer these containers to our moving clients and as well as our storage clients in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

All our containers have a volume of 70 Litres with the following dimensions. 600mm*400mm*400mm (L*W*H). This is larger than your standard moving box, hence you can pack more in less “boxes” and save your pockets.

We know just like you will never know how many boxes you need; one will never know how many containers you may need. Hence, we have simplified the choosing process for our storage clients and moving clients.

Home Moving Kits

On-Demand Self Storage

Student Storage Packages

Benefits of Plastic storage & Moving Containers

Designed for application

Easier handling

Recyclable and Eco-Friendly

Security (can be padlocked)

Impervious to moisture, weak acids and alkaline

Cheaper than standard cardboard boxes

100% stronger and more durable than cardboard boxes

Insect proof

Want To Rent Containers?

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