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Student Solutions


Conneck understands that when it comes to students, the decision of what to do with one’s luggage – when changing university accommodation, travelling or simply moving back home for the summer break or winter break – can be quite daunting.

Student Storage


Have you accumulated an overabundance of belongings during your time at Varsity and have no idea what to do with your belongings during your time away? Would you like to have them returned back to you when you return? Student Storage is a useful solution for you.                                                                                      .                                                                              .

Luggage Transport

home and office relocation

Luggage Transport is a convenient and affordable solution to student storage. It is a low-cost alternative to airline baggage, as you’ll often get a generous weight allowance for just a fraction of the price of excess baggage charges. Not only are luggage shipping services useful to students, but holiday-makers, business users and expats can use it too!


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